Pancreatic Cancer- Treatment Plans & Average Cost

We have a full-fledged Oncology Care Unit and have excellent facilities to take care of your medical issues.

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Pancreatic Cancer Treatment


We have a full-fledged Oncology Care Unit and have excellent facilities to take care of your medical issues.


Doctors Talk:

What Should I Know about Pancreatic Cancer?

What is the medical definition of the pancreas?

The pancreas is an organ in the upper abdomen located beneath and behind the stomach and adjacent to the first portion of the small intestine, called the duodenum. The pancreas is composed of glands that are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. The glandular functions of the pancreas can be divided into the following two categories:

  • Exocrine: The exocrine glands secrete enzymes into ducts that eventually empty into the duodenum. These enzymes then help in the digestion of food as it moves through the intestines.
  • Endocrine: The endocrine glands secrete hormones, including insulin, into the bloodstream. Insulin is carried by the blood throughout the rest of the body to assist in the process of using sugar as an energy source. Insulin also controls the levels of sugar in the blood.
  • The pancreas can be divided into the following four anatomical sections:
    • Head — The rightmost portion that lies adjacent to the duodenum
    • Uncinate process — An extension of the head of the pancreas
    • Body — The middle portion of the pancreas
    • Tail — The leftmost portion of the pancreas that lies adjacent to the spleen

    What are the most common types of pancreatic cancer?

  • The most common type of pancreatic cancer arises from the exocrine glands and is called adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.
  • The endocrine glands of the pancreas can give rise to a completely different type of cancer, referred to as pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma or islet cell tumor.

What are issues related to the more common type of pancreatic adenocarcinoma?

  • Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is among the most aggressive of all cancers. By the time that pancreatic cancer is diagnosed, many people already have disease that has spread to distant sites in the body (about 53%).
  • Pancreatic cancer is also relatively resistant to medical treatment, and the only potentially curative treatment is surgery.


Expert’s Opinion & Possible line of Treatment: – : –

Require evaluation, surgery followed by chemotherapy/radiation

The patient needs complete evaluation cost will be approx. USD 800-1500.

Patients requires chemotherapy every 3 weeks for 6 cycles, each cycle costing approx 1000 USD -1500 USD.
Cost of radiation therapy will be 4000-6000 USD .

If surgery is done the cost will be approx. USD 8000-10500 with 7-9 days stay in hospital.


Pancreatic cancer treatment cost in India includes the facility fee, physician’s fee, related medical procedures and drugs required to administer the plan of care. Not included are diagnostic studies, consultations with additional specialists and cost of complication management; travel, food and lodging. Each estimate is presented with the Physicians CV, Facility Information and Treatment Plan, transparently by the provider. There is “0.00” upfront charge to you!


Hospital Stay Required in Days: 7-9
Treatment Time Required in Days: 40-45 OPD basis if surgery not required
Average Cost: The final plan shall be confirmed on the basis of initial evaluation. This   is an approximate   cost and may vary depending on the condition of the patient  .

Wellness Destination India Comments

Included for International Patients: – Complimentary airport pickup / drop in a cab. – Complimentary meals for one companion during hospital stay. – Sofa cum bed is provided for the companion during hospital stay. – Travel desk is available inside the hospital premises. – Translation assistance.
– Visa assistance – Room as per requirement. Separate arrangements of apartments also available. – Dedicated attendants for every room round the clock. – Transportation to and from hospital. – Hygienic and customized food option.

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