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Please Note: MEDICAL VISAS & MEDICAL ATTENDANTS VISAS processing fee from Fiji to India costs FJ$ 115 for 06 Months. The payment can be made by cash at counter at High Commission’s office. He/she can also pay by cheque in case the application is sent by post. Applicants who are not nationals of Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu, Nauru, Kirbati, Vanuatu, Cook Islands are charged additional amounts. The fees are to be paid in Fiji dollars.

Medical tourism in India

Healthcare tourism in India

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Medical Visa From Fiji To India- Medical tourism to India




  • Visa Applicants should fill online visa application forms and submit a print out of filled-in form with two colour photographs (51mmx51mm) and documents as specified below.



Serious ailments like neurosurgery, joint replacements ophthalmic disorders, renal disorders, cardiac problems, congenital disorders, organ transplantations, radiotherapy, plastic surgery, gene therapy and others are of primary considerations in granting a medical visa. The list of treatments is non-exhaustive.

  • The sole purpose of travel should be of having a medical treatment in India.
  • The applicant should seek medical treatment at reputed/specialized/recognized hospital in India.
  • Two medical attendants are allowed to travel with the patient. They can be his/her family members, relatives or associates.
  • 2 working days post the submission of the application is taken for medical visa processing in Fiji if the payment is done with cash.
  • If the medical visa fee payment is done through banker’s cheque then the processing time will be 5 – 6 working days. It is because visa is issued only after the realization of the cheque that takes 3 working days. Personal cheques are not accepted.
  • It takes the same time of 5 – 6 days to process medical visa for the non-residents of Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu, Nauru, Kiribati, Vanuatu and Cook Island.

Document Required :

  • Original passport with a validity of more than six months and two blank pages.
  • Print of the completely and correctly filled online application form.
  • Two colored photographs of 2 inch x 2 inch size in white background. The face of the visa applicant should be clear in the photo. Passport size photos are not accepted.
  • A letter from the local hospital stating the medical history of the patient and referring him/her to the concerned Indian hospital for treatment.
  • An acceptance letter from the concerned hospital. The letter should bear the estimated cost of the treatment and tentative duration of treatment.
  • A copy of the return ticket issued by the airlines or travel agent.
  • Note: 
    • Departure from Fiji should be after 2-3 working days post the date of submission of the application.
    • Departure should after 6 – 7 working days if the medical visa application is send by post and payment is made by banker’s check. It is because in that case the processing time is 5-6 working days post the acceptance of application.
  • Latest bank statement of the applicant (not more than 1 month old) is to be submitted to prove that he/she has sufficient finances to support his/her treatment and medical trip to India.
    • If the applicant is the owner of a company and submits company’s bank statement then a copy of a document in support of his ownership of the company/ a letter that states in the letter head that he/she is the owner of the company is to be submitted.
    • Any close relative can extend financial support to the applicant for his/her treatment. In that case a consent letter stating the willingness to support the patient financially is required along with a copy of his/her latest bank statement.
    • If the patient gets financial back up from the Ministry of Health, Government of Fiji or any other government department/organization/insurance company then a letter from the concerned government department/organization/insurance company is required. The letter should state clearly that the Ministry/government/organization/insurance company will bear all the expenses of the patient’s treatment, travel and stay in India along with his/her attendant’s.
    • Note: If the Ministry/government/organization/insurance company pays only the cost of the treatment then the applicant is required to submit his/her latest bank statement to prove that he/she has sufficient funds to support the miscellaneous expenses in India excluding his/her treatment.
    • If the patient takes a loan for his/her treatment from FNPF then a letter from FNPF (on letter head) is required that mentions that it will provide funds to the patient. The loan amount should also be mentioned in the letter.
  • In case of organ transplant, the donor of the organ requires to fill and sign an additional form in the presence of the Consular Officer. He/she can download the form through this URL:
  • A non-resident staying in Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Vanuatu, Nauru and Cook Islands on work/resident/exemption permit seeks medical visa or medical attendant visa then he/she has to submit a copy of his/her work/resident permit. He/she has to fill an additional form. In that case the processing time of the medical visa will be 5 – 6 days. URL to download the form:

The applicant will have to arrange for pick up of his/her passport if the application is sent by post. He/she will have to provide an authorization letter to the High Commission of India, Suva to hand over his passport to the courier service (mentioning its name) or the representative (mentioning the name and providing his/her ID proof)  who will give it to him/her.


Contact Details: 

The High Commission of India in Suva, Fiji functions from Monday – Friday.

The timing for the submission of all applications concerning passport, visa, other consular services and collection of visa or passport is from 0930 hours to 1230 hours.

Address: Level 5, LICI Building, Butt Street, Suva, Fiji Inslands

Phone: +(679) 3301125

Fax: +(679) 3301032

Email Id:


Website Reference : 


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