Medical Visa From Afghanistan To India- Medical tourism to India

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Please Note : MEDICAL VISAS & MEDICAL ATTENDANTS VISAS – Upto 6 Months / Single or Multiple Entry . Visa fee is not charged from Afghanistan nationals. Though a fee of 350 Afghani (USD 6) is charged by the IVAC for medical visa processing. The Indian Visa Services regarding acceptance of visa applications and delivery of processed passports are outsourced to Indian Visa Application Centers (IVACs).

Medical tourism in India

Healthcare tourism in India

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Medical Visa From Afghanistan To India- Medical tourism to India





  • Visa Applicants should fill online visa application forms and submit a print out of filled-in form with two colour photographs (51mmx51mm) and documents as specified below.
  • The sole purpose of travel should be of having a medical treatment in India.
  • The applicant should seek medical treatment at reputed/specialized/recognized hospital in India.
  • Two medical attendants are allowed to travel with the patient. They can be his/her family members, relatives or associates.



Documents required:

i) Filled-in and signed hard copy of the online visa application form;

ii) Two recent colour photographs;

iii) Letter of invitation from an approved Hospital /Doctor in India;

iv) Medical documents establishing the need for taking medical treatment in India;

v) Confirmed return air ticket .

vi) State issued driver’s license that has validity for 6 months.

vii) Proof of availability of sufficient funds for stay in India including the expenses for medical treatment by producing documents such as Bank statement, Salary certificate, sponsorship letter etc.;

A Medical/Medical Attendant visa is normally issued in 4-5 working days, exclusive of the day on which application is made.

Contact Details : 

Details of Indian Embassies / High Commissions / Consulates in Afghanistan (Location, Contact Details including website link) is mentioned below:

1) India Embassy Afghanistan

Address Malalaiwat, Shar-e-Naw, Kabul Afghanistan
Phone +873-763-095560


Fax +873-763-095561
Website URL


2) India Consulate Afghanistan

Address Ameriat Cross Road, Near AbBakhsh Badmerghan Herat Afghanistan
Phone +934-022-2653



Fax +934-025-0032

Website URL


3) India Consulate Afghanistan

Address Darwaza-e-Balkh Mazar-e-Sharif Afghanistan
Phone +937-020-20268


Fax +934-025-0032
Website URL


4) India Consulate Afghanistan

Address Shahr-e-Nau, District 6, Kandahar-Herat Road, Kandahar Afghanistan
Phone +933-075-3011512





Website URL


5) India Consulate Afghanistan

Address Ilaka No.2, Habibabad, Jalalabad Afghanistan
Phone +937-560-03162
Fax +873-763-096147

Website URL


Reference Website : Indian High Commission in Afghanistan


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