FFF Technology- Advancement of Medical Technology in India

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FFF Technology- Advancement of Medical Technology in India

For those ailing with complex cases of cancer generally have a nightmare undergoing radiation as it involves lot of pain. With newer and newer medical technology coming in of recent, the radiation therapy process has undergone a sea change.  In this line of innovation, the Flattening Filter Free Mode (FFF) is one such new technology through which the time of radiation treatment is greatly reduced.

Using the FFF technology the radiation exposure time is reduced to just a few minutes per session. This helps the medical experts to treat complex and hitherto untreatable cancers with superior outcomes. Through this technology, a high dose radiation is delivered to the target tumour, generally critically located, precisely and accurately without damaging the neighbouring tissues or organs in the shortest possible time.

With the FFF mode, it removes the filter from the path of radiation beam which will be usually there to filter the low energy beams. This FFF beam has high dose rate, generally two to four times more than the regular beam, hence treatment time is drastically reduced. It is ideal for special procedures like the Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy, Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy where a high dose of radiation is used so that treatment time is reduced. It is used in the treatment of brain tumors, benign conditions like blood vessel malformations, some tumors on important nerves in the brain, as an alternative to surgery in early lung cancers, localized metastasis in liver and spine, early prostate cancers and recurrent tumors.

Advantages of the FFT technology for patients:

  • Fast, precise treatment
  • Time of treatment, few minutes/session.
  • Safety.
  • Non invasive.
  • Painless.
  • Adds to patient comfort.