Digital PET CT- Biograph Vision 600™- Advancement of Medical Technology in India

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Digital PET-CT- Biograph Vision 600™- Advancement of Medical Technology in India

Biograph Vision™1 is the next-generation of PET/CT scanners that empowers you to see a whole new world of precision. It goes beyond digital to reveal the bigger picture, maximize efficiency and help you to better understand disease progression.

“Biograph Vision 600 is designed for improved accuracy, performance, and reproducibility to deliver a whole new world of precision in PET/CT imaging. With the market’s fastest time-of-flight and highest effective sensitivity, Biograph Visionhelps reduce scan time and injected dose, reducing patient exposure to radiation.

PET CT is indispensable as a diagnostic and prognostic tool in the assessment of patient response to cancer therapy and cancer recurrence. The Biograph Vision 600™ from Siemens Healthineers enables a better understanding of disease progression and treatment resistance, to define treatments that can be precisely tailored for patients.

The benefits of the Digital PET-CT Scanner in Oncology Care

  • Reduces radiation dose to patient
  • Can help detect cancer early
  • Faster scan time and is comfortable for patients
  • More sensitive for small tumours in Oncology
  • Best clinical outcomes
  • Improved accuracy in imaging and clarity
  • Improves patient Care in Oncology
  • Well suited to find recurrent disease
  • Increased sensitivity of the digital detector improves image quality,
  • While short scan times make the patient more comfortable and less prone to move. This reduces the likelihood of motion artifacts that can degrade images
  • 4D Gating for RT planning

The Biograph Vision Model Digital PET CT: Exclusive features

  • First Digital parametric PET imaging in South East Asia
  • Industry’s fastest Time-of-flight at 214 ps.
  • Market’s highest sensitivity at 100 cps/kBq
  • Wide bore PET/CT with 78 cm bore size.
  • Industry best resolution that helps in detection of small lesion
  • Flow Motion and Parametric PET imaging

The level of details provided by the allows doctors to more accurately stage the disease and provide patients with a treatment regimen that achieves better outcomes. There by smaller lesions missed in the conventional PET-CT would be identified.

Digital Parametric PET Imaging

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