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Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure for Dental Implants   . This is a metal device made out of titanium, designed to replace missing teeth.

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Dental Implants – FMS Dental Hospitals

Specialty Surgeon Complete Packaged Procedure for Dental Implants Surgery Cost in India- Best Dental Hospitals & Surgeons in India.  . This is a metal device made out of titanium, designed to replace missing teeth. The device is surgically placed into the jawbone where the tooth is missing. Dental implants are for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, dental caries, an injury, or some other reason. Your confidence returns with your smile.

Dental Implants Benefits:-

Replace one, multiple teeth, or all teeth.

Biting pressure at par with normal healthy natural teeth.

Supports a bridge and eliminate the need for a removable partial denture.

Provide support for a denture, making it more secure and comfortable.

The dentist will get a dental/radiographic examination and health history.

Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone. Small posts are then attached to the implants which protrude through the gums. These posts provide stable anchors for artificial replacement teeth.

The placement of dental implants usually involves two surgical procedures. First, implants are surgically placed within your jawbone. These implants gradually bond with the jawbone during the next 2 to 6 months following surgery. The patient can wear temporary dentures and eat a soft diet during this time.

After the implant has bonded to the jawbone, the second phase begins. The dentist will uncover the implants and attach a small healing collar. An impression must be taken. Following this, posts or attachments are connected to the implants. The teeth replacements are then made over the posts or attachments. The entire procedure usually takes six to eight months. You regain confidence in your smile and your ability to chew and speak. Keep your implant clean and plaque-free with brushing and flossing.

We offer CT Guided Implant Planning a revolutionary treatment with implant software to carry out the entire treatment extra-orally using a Virtual 3D model of the patient jaws and transferring this into a surgical template making the entire process fast and minimally invasive (flapsless).

A Dental Implants treatment cost includes the facility fee, physician’s fee, related medical procedures and drugs required to administer the plan of care. Not included are diagnostic studies, consultations with additional specialists and cost of complication management; travel, food and lodging.

Each estimate is presented with the Physicians CV, Facility Information and Treatment Plan, transparently by the provider. There is “0.00” upfront charge to you!

Hospital Stay Required in Days: 0
Treatment Time Required in Days: 20

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Procedure Preformed in FMS Dental Hospitals.

Services Included for International Patients:

– Complimentary airport pickup / drop in a cab.
– Complimentary meals for one companion during hospital stay.
– Sofa cum bed is provided for the companion during hospital stay.
– Travel desk is available inside the hospital premises.
– Translation assistance.
– Room as per requirement. Separate arrangements of apartments also available.
– Dedicated attendants for every room round the clock.
– Transportation to and from hospital.
– Hygienic and customized food options

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