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What Facts Should I Know about Cervical Cancer?

The uterus (womb) is a bottle-shaped organ lying low in the female pelvis. The uterine cervix is the 4 cm long bottle-neck-like end of the uterus. While most of the uterus lies in the pelvis, the lower 2 cm of the cervix is located in the vagina, where it connects the uterus with the vagina. The canal through the cervix, the endocervical canal, is contiguous with the uterine cavity.

What is the medical definition of cervical cancer?

Cancer of the cervix occurs when the cells of the surface of cervix change in a way that leads to abnormal growth and invasion of other tissues or organs of the body.

What are the early signs of cervical cancer?

Like all cancers, cancer of the cervix is much more likely to be cured if it is detected early and treated immediately.

  • One of the key features of cervical cancer is its slow progression from normal cervical tissue to precancerous(or dysplastic) changes in the tissue to invasive cancer.
  • The slow progression through numerous precancerous changes is very important because it provides opportunities for prevention and early detection (through Pap test) and treatment.

Can cervical cancer spread quickly?

Invasive cancer means the cancer affects the deeper tissues of the cervix and may have spread to other parts of the body. This spread to areas beyond the cervix is called metastasis. Cervical cancers don’t always spread, but those that do most often spread to the regional lymph nodes, the lungs, the liver, the bladder, the vagina, and/or the rectum.

Expert’s Opinion & Possible line of Treatment: – : –

Require evaluation, surgery followed by chemotherapy/radiation.

The patient needs complete evaluation  cost will be approx. USD 800-1500.

Patients requires chemotherapy every 3 weeks for 6 cycles, each cycle costing approx 1000 USD -1500 USD.
Radiation therapy will cost approx 4000 USD.

If surgery is done the cost will be approx. USD 2800-3800 with 3-7 days stay in hospital.


Cervical cancer treatment cost in India includes the facility fee, physician’s fee, related medical procedures and drugs required to administer the plan of care. Not included are diagnostic studies, consultations with additional specialists and cost of complication management; travel, food and lodging. Each estimate is presented with the Physicians CV, Facility Information and Treatment Plan, transparently by the provider. There is “0.00” upfront charge to you!


Hospital Stay Required in Days: 3-7
Treatment Time Required in Days: 40-45 OPD basis if surgery not required
Average Cost: The final plan shall be confirmed on the basis of initial evaluation. This   is an approximate   cost and may vary depending on the condition of the patient  .

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Included for International Patients: – Complimentary airport pickup / drop in a cab. – Complimentary meals for one companion during hospital stay. – Sofa cum bed is provided for the companion during hospital stay. – Travel desk is available inside the hospital premises. – Translation assistance.
– Visa assistance – Room as per requirement. Separate arrangements of apartments also available. – Dedicated attendants for every room round the clock. – Transportation to and from hospital. – Hygienic and customized food option.

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