3D Radioguided Surgery– Surgic Eye- Advancement of Medical Technology in India

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3D Radioguided Surgery– Surgic Eye- Advancement of Medical Technology in India

First in Asia, Intra Operative 3D Radioguided Surgery System at HCG

HealthCare Global Enterprises ltd (HCG) headquartered in Banglore, is Asia’s largest Cancer Care Network, with 27 Cancer Centres, 4 tertiary care centres and 4 Fertility Care Centres. HCG has redefined the future of healthcare in India by designing, building and managing centres with a committed vision. The vision of HCG is to make high quality healthcare accessible to al lby adopting global innovations.

Dr. Joerg Traub, Inventor and Founder, SurgicEye GmbH, said, “I am impressed by the quality of service and the patient centered approach of HCG and I’m convinced that HCG is the best location for the first declipseSPECT installation in Asia. The declipeSPECT will add one more innovation to HCG’s high quality service, providing 3D imaging and guidance support for least invasive surgery and quality assurance in the operating room to document the complete removal.”

Dr Mahesh Bandemegal, Consultant, Surgical Oncologist, HCG, said, “The usage and benefits of declipseSPECT are varied. This new technology helps us to identify and image the senttinel node intraoperatively. This will help us in accurate localisation of Lymph node with smaller incisions. Mainly used for Breast cancer, Skin cancer, Oral Cancer, Gynecological. It is the most accurate way of detecting and avoiding false negativity.

The declipseSpect is a freehand SPECT device intraoperative 3D imaging for radioguided surgery.

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