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Service sector of Indian Economy contributed around 55 percent of India’s GDP in 2008. The Service sector of India has also witnessed a remarkable rise in the global market Growing opportunities of Service sectors influenced the entire organizations customer oriented. Modern marketing principles in Service sector enhanced the quality of service. Increases the level of efficiency , establish leadership and finally maximize profit.

A service is a type of a product.“… a deed performed by one party for another…” Discussions about the marketing of goods apply to services as well. Services have special characteristics that make them different than products. SERVICES

A product without physical characteristics; a bundle of performance and symbolic attributes designed to produce consumer want satisfaction. SERVICES


  1. Intangibility – “u can’t touch this”
  2. Production (or performing the service) and Consumption (using the service) – happens at the same time
  3. Heterogeneity – services are not always delivered the same way
  4. Perishability – cannot be put in inventory or stored for later use


Service marketing mix

Customer Service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or Service has met the customer expectation.” :
“Customer Service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or Service has met the customer expectation.” Customer services The Bridge to customers.

Educational services. Health care services. Tourism services. Financial services. Communication and information services. Transportation services. Service Sectors

Educational Service


Effective use of online resources and tools – To integrate the user in the process, enabling immersion in the learning level Tele-learning – The use of multimedia computers networked to other computers for learning purposes, communicate from one site to the other, using a variety of information sources. The effective uses of online technology, ranging from accessing online information to network-supported collaborative knowledge construction by students.


Tourism Sector: There are a number or emerging dimensions of Tourism. These include:
1. Medical Tourism: Indian is aiming to promote its allopathic treatment as a tourist attraction. tends Tourism to provide world-class treatment at low price and is gaining worldwide acceptance. The vast array of health care services includes ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, meditation etc.

2. Spiritual Tourism: India has a rich heritage of cultures and religions. There is so much mental pressure and disturbance all over the world that people are looking forward to find solace. Spiritual Tourism includes all the religious places. There is a sincere effort to bring better understanding among various communities

3. Rural Tourism: Real India is rural India. For the development of rural India, government is promoting rural Tourism. It showcases the rural life in India, the art, culture and heritage, the nature and wild life and various other aspects of rural India. The rural India has a great potential to attract foreign tourists. The rural Tourism helps in improving lives of rural people and maintaining the quality of environment.

4 . Adventurous Tourism: India is an incredible destination for adventures. The snow capped Himalayas, erratic streams, safaris, etc all add to its natural glory. Water sports, elephant safari, mountaineering, skiing, gliding, trekking, river rafting, etc are breath-taking opportunities for adventurous people.

5. MICE Tourism: MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) is associated with business travelers. MICE Tourism converts the annual business meetings and conferences into a glamorous and enjoyable event for the delegates and attendants.

6. Eco- Tourism:. Eco Tourism (also known as nature Tourism) relates to nature and its attractiveness so that the visitors experience it in its pristine settings. Eco Tourism attracts domestic as well as international tourists towards the magnificent ancient cities, hill stations, remote villages, desert areas and wildlife centuries and parks in India.. There are various associations that control the activities of travel agents and tour operators. These include:

1. Travel Agents Association of India
2. Pacific Asia Travel Association
3. Travel Agents Federation of India
4. Indian Association of Tour Operators

New era of health care

Do No Harm. “Sit in the patient’s seat, and imagine what is best for them”. To train and retain additional staff particularly doctors and nurses, so that there is more time for communication. Healthcare Funding Options Patient Satisfaction and Engagement Quality Patient Care Clinical Innovations New era of health care

Dimensions of treatments

Dimensions of treatments Laparoscopic-assisted Resection for Colorectal Cancer. Endoscopic Procedures for the Treatment of GERD. Indications for Treatment With Botulinum Toxin Injections. New Treatments Offer Hope for Heart Failure Patients . Open heart surgeries, fixing pace makers etc…

New Technologies

New technologies Online Medical Diagnosis uses Medical specialists to accurately diagnose symptoms. It generates a diagnosis based on the patient’s symptoms, and it provides treatment options. Open Heart surgery, Organ transplantation, Online surgeries. Digital radiography. CAD/CAM dentistry.

Financial sectors

Vital Services in banking sectors :
Vital Services in banking sectors communication process – Handling information in a client friendly manner. To retail clients information regarding the cost of a loan. Balanced scorecards improve business performance in the management literature through performance measurement approaches. M-banking, Atm services render better services to customers by avoiding time delay.

Information system process

Information system process Design, implementation, control, and analysis of business information systems. Models are used to describe and analyze operational process and to configure information systems

Information system :
Information system new information technologies such as client-server computing, Windows NT vs. Unix, and (ERP) systems. new ways for organizations to manage IT, such as outsourcing ,designing and building more effective information systems.

Communication services :
Communication services

Wireless communication:
Wireless communication

Transportation services

Transportation services Emerging Trends in Transportation Security: Securing commercial modes of transportation and emerging programs and initiatives that will shape transportation security in the future and gain an understanding of the evolving issues and how they affect various industry sectors. Department of Homeland Security: The most up-to-date changes and guidelines from DHS and how they will affect the transportation industry and business. Keeping Our Airports and Seaports Safe and Competitive: Our nations ports are greater than ever to protect our passengers, cargo, and employees also providing competitive services to keep their customer. International Shipping Concerns: Examine issues in the international shipping arena containerized shipments, port security, shipment tracking, and protection of high-value loads. Security Hardware: New applications in transportation security hardware. Gain insight into the latest technologies available in the areas of accountability, tracking, surveillance, screening, and general security.


CONCLUSION service marketing has increased its importance over the decade with the advent of competition. Globalization fuelled the rapid changes in service sectors. Widens broad spectrum of commercial and social activities. The ultimate aim of service sectors is to adopt innovative strategies in delivering quality services to customers.

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