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Medicover is a European healthcare company that was established in 1995 and has since provided world-class medical care to millions of people. Medicover is now present in 15 countries: UK, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine and India.

With over 12,500 employees on board, more than 8,500 of whom are medical professionals, Medicover is recognised as the largest private sector employer of medical professionals in Central and Eastern Europe. Medicover serves both prepaid members and fee-for-service patients in its own modern, fully-equipped health centres, as well as through an extensive network of medical professionals. Built on the approach of offering seamless healthcare services, we both provide and coordinate all primary and specialty care, diagnostic testing, hospital services and follow-up care.

Medicover is dedicated to providing care of the highest quality, delivered with integrity, kindness and respect. Our committed and talented staff work together to create an organisation worthy of ISO certification*, the highest level of accreditation attainable.

Occupational health is a major focus of Medicover’s business, and we work with large and small companies to develop programs custom-designed to meet their needs. These range from annual health exams to Medicover-staffed, on-site company clinics.

Managing healthcare costs – and pinpointing ways to create savings without compromising quality – is of paramount importance to Medicover’s mission. Our clinical diagnostic laboratory services companies – Synevo and IMD – provide efficient, timely services to all clients, and the resulting measurable cost savings is passed along to companies and members.

Medicover’s Foundation – The Living Fund – is the only charitable organisation of its kind in the region. It focuses on the prevention and early detection of illness, and is organised to assist initiatives within our communities to improve the quality of healthcare delivery and planning.

*Since 1998 Medicover has consistently met the stringent standards of the ISO Quality Management System and is deemed to be in conformance with all requirements.


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