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The IVAC story in Dr. Krishna’s words:

It all began six decades ago, I decided to be a doctor when I was in my second grade.

My mother used to be very sick and was many times in the death bed. Nearest doctor was 12 miles away. No roads, phones. Had to send someone by foot who could reach the doctor as fast as possible and bring him by foot, the only possible way. Monsoon rains and thunder would be in full swing. Walking through the tropical forest with leeches sucking the blood, carrying medicines in the pouring rain was not an easy task with any stretch of imagination. The doctor would arrive, treat my mother and save her. He was a wonderful person smiling and assuring me that my mother won’t die. I was sitting next to my mom and crying worried she may die any moment. With my tender heart I would beg my mother not to die and I would be a doctor when I grow up and take care of her and no need to wait so long for a doctor. I would tell the doctor that I want to be like him, a doctor. He would smile and say “sure you can”. This was the beginning.

I met my spiritual Master and mentor when I was 13 yrs old. I was intensely absorbed to his personality at all levels. I got my first introduction to the profound philosophy of the Vedas and especially Ayurveda during my one year stay with him in his house when I was sixteen. Guided by and through his blessings I became an allopathic doctor. One day during the time I was with him he told me “Ayurveda has suffered eight centuries of decline. It needs to be brought to the forefront of the modern medicine. It requires lots of planning to catch up with the lost years. You have a mission to accomplish this”. I asked how I could do this when I am being advised to do study modern medicine( Allopathy). He said it is important that I study Allopathy and whatever knowledge needed for me in Ayurveda will come to me when needed.

Nearly 3 decades went by since that moment. I had graduated from the medical School and later did my post graduation in Anaesthesia and the journey took me from India to UK, Canada and the USA.

In 1992 I came down with some physical illness for which I could not find any relief in the modern medicine. However I could find much relief in Ayurveda and Yoga. This period became the turning point of my life and the process of conceiving of what IVAC is today began. A team of Ayurvedic Vaidyas was put together and we started planning as to how to train therapists, doctors, plan the buildings, business planning etc.

We conceived a vision of bringing Ayurveda to the forefront of the modern medicine. Lots of thought had to go in to materialize the vision. I created a vision tree as follows;

After five years of careful planning IVAC officially started its business in 1999 September. Since then the vision has been moving forward in a methodical way and we have won several awards, received ISO certification. IVAC has very good reputation both in India and abroad. People from over 55 countries come to our place. Now IVAC is a small prototype for the big vision.

Now IVAC’s mission is to plan and move in the direction of the vision. Living with a vision itself has been spiritual. Weather one accomplishes that in this life or in many lives to come is not important.

Specialties :

List of Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic Treatment List of Diseases
Abhyangam Pain, Mental Stress, Gastric Problems, De-toxification, Immunity Problems, Weight
Shirodhara Loss, Paralysis, Skin Problems
Kashayadhara Sleep Problems, Insomnia, Stress, Hair Fall
Greeva Basti Psoriasis, eczema, scalp lesions,   hairfall
Janu Basti Neck Pain, Neck Spondolysis, Neck Arthritis
Kati Basti Knee Pain, Knee Arthritis
Spine Basti Back Pain, sciatica, lumbar spondylosis
Kizhi Spine arthritis, Spondolysis of spine,
Mukha Lepam Pain , Mental stress
Netra Tarpanam Skin Care, Skin conditions
Padabhyangam Vision problems, Eye strain, Headaches
Pizhichil Pain, Mental stress, De-toxification, Gastric problems, Paralysis
Shringara Pain, Mental stress, Immunity problems, Paralysis
Soundarya Skin care treatment
Thalapothichil Skin care treatment
Ubtan Scalp and hair care
Udvartanam Skin care, Weight loss

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