Glaucoma Week | Dr. Ravi Dorairaj | Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Bangalore

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“Glaucoma is the second prominent cause of blindness in the world accounting up to 12.8% of the total blindness. In India, glaucoma is the third leading cause of irreversible blindness with nearly 12 million people affected and nearly 1.2 million people blind from the disease. However, what is alarming is the fact the many of the patients who have been affected by glaucoma are first degree relatives indicating that the progression could have been arrested if detected early. In fact, in around 40-50% of the patients the progression could have been averted calling for greater awareness about glaucoma. The most common glaucoma type that get passed on genetically are open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma. While there has been a significant development with regard to the treatments that are available for glaucoma like SFT (Single Pass Four Throw Pupilloplasty) which helps in treating closed angle Glaucoma, regular eye check-up is a must to avert  potential blindness owing to the condition. Further, following a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle and controlling the systemic conditions like hypertension and diabetes can help significantly in preventing progression of glaucoma.”

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