By: Dr. Anirban Deep Banerjee

First-of-its-kind neuro-modulation surgery in Indian Sub-continent & South Asia performed by me on an 83 years old disabled lady from Oman: FULL-BODY MRI-COMPATIBLE SPINAL-CORD PACEMAKER- ‘RESTORE-ULTRA SURE-SCAN system’ spinal-cord stimulation surgery with 5-6-5 (16-contacts) Paddle-Lead configuration..
Patient was suffering from advanced FAILED-BACK SYNDROME – severe crippling back-and-legs-pain and complete disability (despite numerous prior surgeries) (VAS 10/10 and severely impaired Oswestry Disability Index) before this ingenuous neural Pacemaker surgery. Before this surgery, she was totally handicapped and dependent on others…..
Now, after over six months of this innovative Spinal-Cord Pacemaker surgery, patient is doing very well and totally active & independent (VAS 1/10 and significantly improved Oswestry Disability Index)…..
I pray for her continued good-health and happiness..

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