The 11-year-old had difficulty in walking and breathing

The 11-year-old had difficulty in walking and breathing

Zaneta Uwe Isalgedighi, an eleven-year-old girl from Nigeria came all the way to India because she wanted to be healthy again. Zaneta was diagnosed with Haemolytic Anaemia with Hypersplenism with Massive Splenomegaly. In simple terms, her spleen had grown four times the normal size.

Spleen is an organ which fights with infections and keeps body fluids clean.
Now Zaneta is fit again and almost as healthy as any girl her age. She was treated in Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj by Dr Randeep Wadhawan, Head of Department, Minimal Access Surgery and Bariatric Surgery, Fortis.

“When she came to us, she had problem in walking and was also having respiratory problems. She was not as healthy as an 11-year-old girl should be,” said Dr Wadhawan

She had continuous pain on the left side of the abdomen and was breathless on exertion. Investigations revealed that she had very low haemoglobin of 4 gm% with massive splenomegaly (four times normal).
Thereafter, she underwent a Splenectomy by minilap. The hospital facility did not follow the general method of treatment.

“Open surgery is the general procedure followed by the doctors, but we did a different surgery as her case was different,” said Wadhawan.

Zaneta was discharged from the hospital on the third postoperative day and came for a follow up on the seventh day.

“She had no pain on the left side of the abdomen and the operative scar was barely visible. We advised her a normal diet, normal physical activities and gave the fitness certificate to fly back to Nigeria,” said Wadhawan

In a path-breaking cardiac surgery, doctors at a city hospital successfully removed over 20gm of muscle bulge from the outlet of the heart of an 11-year-old boy.
The bulge was obstructing the flow of blood from Ravi Ramola’s heart to other parts of the body due to which his physical growth was affected. Doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, who performed the surgery, said such an obstruction could even lead to sudden heart failure.
According to doctors, the treatment procedure extended septal myectomy applied to remove the muscle bulge in Ravi’s case was performed for the first time in India.

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