Gurgaon: Doctors at Medanta – The Medicity hospital here claim to have conducted India’s first paediatric kidney transplant across the blood group barrier.

According to the hospital, a 12-year-old boy presented to Medanta with kidney failure, was started on haemodialysis. The options of renal transplantation were discussed. The blood group of the patient was B+, and no family member had the compatible blood group, despite an extensive search for six months.

The patient’s mother had blood group AB+. Even though the mother had a different blood group, the child received renal transplant with mother as the donor, with a designed desensitization and immunosuppressive protocol.

This is the first time in India that a child has got a kidney transplant across the blood group barrier, a statement by the hospital said on Thursday.

“The child underwent a kidney transplant in Medanta, and is currently completely normal, and leading a normal school life,” said Dr Sidharth Sethi, consultant, paediatric nephrology, Medanta – The Medicity.

“This is to emphasize to the general public and doctors that ABO incompatibility does not always mean loss of hope for children with end-stage renal disease,” added Dr Vijay Kher, chairman, nephrology, Medanta – The Medicity.

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