The team of Surgeons at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon Removed a Massive 11.5 Kg Tumour from Man’s Stomach in 7 hours Long-Drawn-Out surgery

Artemis Hospital, a leading multi-speciality hospital in Gurgaon,India, successfully removed an 11.5-kg tumour from the abdomen of 62-year old media professional. The tumor was arising from retro peritoneum (space in abdomen behind the vitals structure), occupying whole of the abdominal cavity and displacing the vital organs like intestines, kidney, ureter and all major blood vessels from their respective places and was causing a lot of discomfort. It is said to be one of the largest tumor removed from retro-peritonium area.

Radhe Shayam, a resident of Gurgaon was losing his appetite and had stomach swelling, which was initially attributed to Hernia and was getting treated for the same. Even after his hernia surgery, condition persisted and that’s when he approached Artemis Cancer Centre.

He started his treatment under the expertise of Dr. Durgatosh Pandey- Director- Surgical Oncology and Sr. Consultant and HPB Surgery at Artemis Cancer center. After an initial consultation, he underwent a CT scan and biopsy of tumour, which confirmed the presence of a large size tumour consisted of cancerous transformation of fat cells (Liposarcoma). He was quickly prepared for surgery as the tumour was growing at a fast pace and could have proved to be life-threatening if not operated in time.

According to Dr Pandey “It was a challenging case, especially looking at the size of a tumour which weighed 11.5 kgs and was approximately 48 cms in size and is critically located.During surgery, our major goal was to remove the tumour in entirety without damaging surrounding tissues and vital organs.” He also said, “We are glad that we could take out the entire tumour without any complication.”

The tumour was removed successfully after 7 hours long surgery at Artemis Hospital and patient was discharged in stable condition. He is doing well post operatively.

The success of the case holds testimony to the Artemis Hospital doctors. This phenomenal success story proves the mettle of the Oncology Department at Artemis Hospital,Gurgaon.

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