When little Abas Gassan from Iraq came to Bengaluru seeking help for his ailing heart, doctors treating him in Bengaluru faced a twin problem. The two-year-old not only had a hole in his heart, but the organ was located on the right side of the body . But they successfully mended the hole. It was a daunting task as they had to use their left hand largely during the surgery .

Abas from Almhmodia in Baghdad suffers from a complication called Dextrocardia. His is a case of Situs Inversus, where some vital or gans lie in opposite direction-like appendix and liver is on the left and stomach on the right. Worse, he was also a blue baby, having a hole in the heart. He was very ill when born with an oxygen level of only 60% in the body and impure blood circulating throughout the body .

“He was just 40 days old when he was diagnosed with the problem. He constantly cried with lips turning blue and body swelling. He suffered from breathlessness, his body was losing immunity and he was having frequent cold and cough,“ mother Tamani Hasson told TOI.

Abas fell unconscious often and doctors in Iraq had put him on ventilator many times. Tamani was determined to save her only child. As there are no good medical facilities and surgeons in Iraq, a neighbour studying in India sugggested bringing Abas here.The boy came with his mother and two uncles and was operated in October last week at Columbia Asia hospital in Whitefield.

A day after the surgery , Tamani saw her son hungry for the first time as he asked for food. “I was overwhelmed as he happily ate chicken. He hardly had appetite before,“ she said.Now chubby and playful, he’s undergoing periodic checks in Bengaluru.

Position Can’t Be Changed
The most challenging task for Dr. Vivek Babu Bojjawar, Cardiac surgeon from Columbia Asia Hosptial – Whitefield, was to use his left hand in the surgery as the boy’s heart was on the right side. “Such sases are seen one in million. During the surgery, we closed the hold in the heart and increased the blood flow to the lungs. Nothing can be done about the placement of the heart.” said Dr. Vivek.


Article Source: https://www.columbiaasia.com/india/news/iraqi-boy-hole-right-heart-saved-columbia-asia-hospital-whitefield-bangalore

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