A young patient married for last 7 years, was looking forward to having a baby. Her first pregnancy in 2011 ended in a spontaneous miscarriage. She conceived again in 2012 and unfortunately miscarried at 7 weeks. She was advised certain tests and it came to light that the patient was infected with HIV.

The couple came to Fortis Hospital (Gurgaon) to meet Dr. (Prof.) Suneeta Mittal and was evaluated completely and offered assisted conception. Couples who are discordant for some transmissible infection can still have a baby with this technique. Having a child through natural conception was not an option as this would risk the husband of acquiring the same infection. So an intrauterine Insemination was planned. The husband’s semen was collected, processed and washed and injected directly into Mrs. A’s uterine cavity at the right time of cycle, synchronising the process with egg rupture. The destiny favoured this time and she got pregnant in very first cycle. The pregnancy was followed up for 9 months in liaison with ART (Anti-Retro Viral Therapy) specialist. She continued to have the anti-retro viral drugs throughout pregnancy and was delivered by elective lower segment caesarean at 38 weeks, giving birth to a healthy baby boy weighting 2.85kgs.

With the advent of assisted conception, having a pregnancy and child birth is now a reality for such couples. Without any Intervention the risk of transmission of HIV from infected pregnant women to her child is around 25-40%. The risk however is reduced to less than 1% by treating the mother with highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) during pregnancy, delivering by elective LSCS at 38 weeks and totally avoiding breast feeding. The baby is also given prophylactic anti retro viral therapy and baby’s blood is tested after birth on D1, 6 weeks, 12week and at 18months of age to ensure the child has not contracted the infection.

Article Source: https://www.fmri.in/medical-bulletin/Fortis-Memorial-Research-Institute-collaborates-with-IIT-Delhi-for-research-work

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