Kochi: A very risky and daring bypass heart surgery was carried out successfully at Aster Medcity, a private hospital here. The patient Hassan, 50, belonging to Aroor in Alappuzha district was suffering from reduced pumping function of the heart. In fact, his heart was functioning at 15 per cent capacity, which is a life-threatening conodition. However, an expert medical team at Aster under consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Dr M K Moosa Kunhi saved Hassan by conducting the bypass procedure.

Hassan suffered from not only reduced pumping function but also had four blocks in the blood vessels of his heart. Before seeking treatment at Aster, he had approached some other hospitals. However, though doctors at all those institutions suggested a bypass, they were not prepared to operate on Hassan, citing the risk involved.

Finally, Hassan reached Aster and consulted Dr Moosa Kunhi. Tests, including angiogram, were done on Hassan and he was subjected to a ‘high-risk bypass surgery.’

“Hassan had suffered a silent heart attack that brought down his heart pumping function from the normal 60 per cent to a dangerous 15 per cent. If it had gone down below 12 per cent, even death could have occurred,” said Dr Moosa Kunhi.

Hassan has recovered well after surgery. His pumping function would improve gradually over the coming months, added the doctor.

There are several acute heart diseases such as the one Hassan suffered from and awareness should be created in society regarding them, said Dr Moosa Kunhi, who is also a cardiothoracic guest surgeon at German Heart Institute in Berlin, where the highest number of heart surgeries take place in Europe. People having a reduced pumping function of the heart feel chest pain, breathlessness and sleeplessness. They also develop an unusual swelling on the legs.

The causes leading to reduced pumping function include bad food habits, heart attack, silent attack, diabetes, hypertension and smoking. However, the most common cause is heart attack, which leads to destruction of heart muscles. As the blood flow is affected in such patients, the functioning of their kidneys, liver, lungs and brain too might be affected.

Around one crore people in India have serious heart ailments. According to Dr Moosa Kunhi, around 80 per cent of these heart patients do not survive for long. In fact, death occurs between three to six months for them.

For patients in such a condition, the success of Hassan’s surgery gives much hope, says Dr Moosa Kunhi.

Article Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/english.manoramaonline.com/lifestyle/health/2019/10/25/bypass-surgery-hassan-moosa-kunhi-aster-medicity.amp.html

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