Rhenium lipiodol is a radioactive substance which is injected into the hepatic artery of a patient of liver cancer, where it helps in destroying the tumour. Earlier transarterial radioembolisation used to be done with an imported agent called Sirsphere, which would cost the patient 10 – 12 lakhs for the procedure. This new agent brings the same cost down to 2.5 lakhs. This radioactive substance is developed and promoted in India by the International Atomic Energy Agency and FMRI along with Kovai Medical Centre and Tata Memorial Hospital are the first to perform this procedure in the country. Dr Vineet Pant, Associate Consultant, Nuclear Medicine and Dr Jagdeep Shekhawat from Interventional Radiology, are driving this team at FMRI.

Article Source: https://www.fmri.in/medical-bulletin/Fortis-Memorial-Research-Institute-collaborates-with-IIT-Delhi-for-research-work

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