She travelled all the way from Iraq to save her smile. Aliya Hussain, 24, went through an emotional trauma after she was diagnosed with a facial tumour right on her nerve. After two botched operations back in Iraq, she was left with a scar on her face . But what was worse was that her tumour would keep coming back. Doctors in Iraq were scared to remove the tumour because if her nerve was damaged she would end up in a paralysis. She was finally operated on at HCG hospital in the city.

Tragedy struck Hussain, when five years ago, she felt a small lump next to her right ear. She immediately told her father that there was something wrong with her face. They went to a doctor in Iraq who operated on her in 2010 and tried to get the tumour out. But to her bad luck within six months the tumor out. But to her bad luck within six months the tumour was back again.

She says, “Even before I could be happy about starting to smile again, the tumour came back. I underwent another surgery in 2013 but again the tumour was back as usual. I did not know what was happening.

Since the tumour was placed right on the nerve, many doctors were hesitant to remove it, as while removing it if the nerve gets damaged it could lead to a paralysis of her face. She did not want to take another risk there. This young and beautiful woman from Iraq had only one fear: Does she have to live with a paralysed face all her life. She was then referred to HCG Hospital by a friend of her father who is a teacher in Iraq. She landed here with her father, mother and grandmother.

At HCG, she was referred to Dr Vishal Rao, consultant, Head and Neck surgeon. Dr Rao said, “She had a benign tumour of the salivary gland on the right side of her called Pleomorphic Adenoma. She was under a lot of mental agony when she came to the hospital because the tumour was right on her face. She was scared she had to live with a paralysed face. Luckily, the tumour was right on the nerve but did not completely involves the nerves. She already had a five cms incision when she had come here because of the earlier surgeries.”

The tumour was removed through Nerve Monitoring System with which the 3cms tumour was removed without affecting the nerves . “Even a day before the operation she was crying and almost preparing herself to lose that nerve. But we were able to remove the tumour completely and assured her that she will go home with that same beautiful smile on her face.” And she indeed did. Aliya looked perfectly happy and satisfied and could not wait to go back to her husband and her three children.

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