In a rare feat attempted by Dr Udgeath Dhir, Additional Director and Head Adult-CTVS and his team at FMRI, a 50-year-old international male patient suffering from “Myasthenia Gravis” successfully underwent a minimally invasive surgery for Thymectomy (removal of the thymus gland). The removal of the thymus gland is a usual technique to improve such conditions in most patients, as was also recommended in this case. To take this organ out as a whole, usually patients have to undergo sternotomy (vertical long incision on the sternum to reach chest cavity). This leads to a longer stay in the ICU and a lengthy recovery. In this technique used by Dr. Dhir, a small incision (5 cm) was made on the right chest and using special retractors and with the help of long instruments, thymectomy was carried out. The entire organ was “cut” away from its neighbouring tissues and extracted as a whole without using a scope to view inside. The challenge in such a surgery is that no part of the affected gland can be left behind else the condition will recur. The patient was extubated on the table itself and was discharged on day 5th of the surgery.

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