She was wheelchair-bound for a long time. Doctors in her country put her on medication. She was fine until a few years ago, when she started experiencing difficulty walking due to damaged hips.

She underwent a left hip replacement surgery in Iraq. However, the joy of being able to walk lasted just for just two years as the left hip was damaged again leaving her on a wheelchair.

Upon evaluation, doctors in Bengaluru said a bone reconstruction surgery needed to be done. “Her left hip was badly damaged and the socket of the left hip bone had gone up to the urethra. Her thigh bone was missing and it was necessary to reconstruct everything for her to be able to walk again,” said Dr Ravi Kelkar, consultant, Orthopaedics, Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal.

Naaesha underwent a bone reconstruction surgery that lasted six hours. Post surgery, Naaesha has recovered well. She was able to start walking on the second day post surgery.

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