Doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital changed the life of 14 yr old Iraqi national Ahmed by performing a bypass to ensure regular supply of blood to the left side of the brain and also fixed the 7-cm-long aneurysm..

NEW DELHI: Fourteen-year-old Iraqi national Ahmed is a busy a boy these day. He is making a list of things he will do once he reaches his homeland. Of course, playing with his friends and flying kites top the list and studies come way down. Looking at Ahmed, one is forced to believe in miracles. Six months ago, the teenager had suffered a stroke, resulting in partial paralysis of the right side of his body and slurred speech.

Another stroke would have either resulted in death or permanent disability. Ahmed also had a huge aneurysm (a bloodfilled dilation caused by weakening of blood vessels in the brain), which could have burst anytime, and the four arteries supplying blood to the brain were also not connected. But doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital changed all that by performing a bypass to ensure regular supply of blood to the left side of the brain and also fixed the 7-cm-long aneurysm.

The surgery was performed in two stages: first a bypass was done to give a new source of blood supply to the left side of the brain and then the aneurysm was blocked. ‘‘ The aneurysm was like a ticking time bomb. But as it was formed inside the brain on one of the four main arteries we had to first create a parallel artery to ensure that blood supply to the brain was not interrupted ,’’ Pranav Kumar, senior consultant, neuro surgery, Apollo Hospital, said.

Ahmed was brought to Apollo Hospital on November 22. As the aneurysm could have burst anytime, doctors operated upon him on December 4. ‘‘ I couldn’t move my right hand earlier, but now I can move it slightly, ‘’ Ahmed, whose surgery was funded by a group of Iraqis settled in Australia, said.

To set right his paralysis, the superficial temporal artery, which supplies blood to the scalp, was connected to the main artery a little above the affected area. Doctors said though the superficial temporal artery was slightly smaller than the middle cerebral artery (main artery), it had sufficient blood pressure to supply blood to the entire left side of the brain.

Explaining the surgical procedure, Shahin Nooreyezdan , senior consultant, plastic and reconstructive surgery department, Apollo Hospital, said, ‘‘ The left side of the skull was cut open and the superficial temporal artery was inserted inside the brain and connected with the main artery . The arteries were so small that it had to be stitched under the microscope.” Once the blood supply was augmented, doctors performed the second procedure in which the aneurysm was blocked inside the brain. ‘‘ We have filled the aneurysm with 12 medicated metallic coils which forms a clot and acts like a wall. The blood supply from defected site doesn’t affect the brain at all now, ‘’ said Dr Harsh Rastogi, senior neuro-interventionist , Apollo Hospital. He added, ‘‘ Now he is perfectly fine and can go back home. The time bomb in his brain has been blocked forever. ‘’

Unaware of the complicated surgeries performed on him, Ahmed is all set to go home. ‘‘ Now I don’t have to worry about another stroke. I can go back home and play with my friends,’’ he said.

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