NEW DELHI: Khusan Saidov, a 35-year-old Uzbek man, who had lost his voice after a surgery for treating his hypothyroidism went wrong, was able to speak again after 15 years following a laser surgery at a hospital here.

Saidov got himself operated back in 2002 at a hospital in Uzbekistan for his thyroid condition but the surgery led to complications which damaged both his airways and vocal cords, Dr Ameet Kishore, senior consultant- ENT at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals said.

“The patient lost his voice as recurrent laryngeal nerves (RLN) got damaged after he underwent the surgical procedure tracheostomy. This which resulted in paralysis of the vocal cords leading to loss of speech and difficulty in breathing,” Dr Kishore added.

Saidov had lost the ability to speak and waited for 15 years before approaching doctors in India.“Saidov was breathing from a hole created in his neck. He developed bilateral vocal cord palsy.

With the ‘Kashima procedure’ (laser treatment), we created space between vocal cords to restore normal breathing pattern with normal voice. The hole in the neck was closed in the second stage of  surgery,” Dr Naruka explained.

Saidov, who was discharged the very next day, according to Dr Naruka is recovering well from the surgery and recently visited the hospital for a follow-up checkup.

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