Faridabad/ Alive News: Avoiding disease is to invite death. A female patient having a big tumor was successful treated at Asian Hospital and finally she returned her normal life. The patient Salma (changed name) had complained of stomach ache and swelling. She was brought to the Asian hospital where on doctors’ advice, she got a city scan of her stomach done, in which a big lump was detected.

Dr Rohit Nayar, Cancer Surgeon at the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital told the patient’s members about tumor and advised for immediate surgery. Dr Rohit with his team doctors as Dr Than Singh Tomar including Vikas Jain successful operated and during the two and a half hour surgery, they removed tumor of 11kg from her stomach. The doctors also removed uterus and scrotum for the purpose of preventing the disease from growing.

Dr Rohit while talking to mediapersons said this was very severe surgery. The patient had Hypertension and Diabetes and this disease was growing due to her increasing age. The tumor was on the left side of the ovary and it suppressed the liver, and after surgery she is completely healthy, he stated.

Article Source: https://www.google.com/amp/www.alivenews.co.in/asian-doctors-removed-big-tumor-from-womans-stomach/amp/

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