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Case Study: Artemis doctors successfully re-stitch 3 fingers of a Korean expat

New Delhi: A team of doctors at Artemis Health Institute (AHI), Gurgaon have successfully re-stitched three fingers of a 57-year-old Korean expatriate. The team included Dr Vipul Nanda and Dr Manik Sharma, cosmetic and plastic surgeons at Artemis.

Dr Vipul Nanda

Lee Sung Teuk, who owns a factory at Manesar in Delhi/NCR, on January 31, while demonstrating machines to some visitors, accidently got his right hand entangled badly crushing and cutting three of the fingers – the middle, ring and little.

According to the doctors, at the time of admission at Artemis hospital, Teuk’s two fingers were hanging from the skin tags and third one, which got completely amputated, was brought in a polythene bag.

“What made this case complicated was that the fingers did not have a clean cut as it was a crush injury. This made it difficult to find the ends of blood vessels to restore the blood supply to the fingers. Timing is very crucial in these type of injuries as earlier the surgery is done, higher the chances of success,” said Dr Vipul Nanda, cosmetic and plastic surgeon at Artemis Health Institute.

Dr Manik Sharma

In the surgery, which lasted 11 hours, the structure of each finger that had to be carefully sutured under the microscope included reattaching of bones, tendons, arteries, veins and nerves. The doctors also used vein grafts from the patient’s toes as intervening segments during the suturing of blood vessels. Skin graft for one of Teuk’s finger was also done.

Dr Manik Sharma, associate consultant, plastic and cosmetic surgery, Artemis Health Institute, said, “Many a times, amputated parts are not transported properly. The correct way of transporting the amputated part is cleaning it thoroughly with saline solution, wrapping it in a saline soaked gauge piece and then sealing it in a polythene before it is brought in an ice box.”

According to the doctors, three weeks post surgery Teuk’s fingers are doing well and look pink. In few months, he will need another surgery to improve the function of his fingers.

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