Moya Moya is a rare disease which causes gradual narrowing or stenosis of major blood vessels supplying the brain, resulting in stroke and brain haemorrhage. Left untreated, repeated attacks can cause major disability and death. Moya Moya disease is predominantly found in Japan and surrounding areas.

Once diagnosed, the only proven beneficial treatment is augmentation of brain’s blood supply by revascularisation surgery. These surgeries are complex and are available in only few centres across the world.

40-year-old and previously fit and healthy, Mr. Raju Gwala was admitted with sudden onset stroke and paralysis. His CT scan suggested brain haemorrhage along with infracts and angiogram showed advanced stage of Moya Moya disease in both hemispheres of brain.

Complex surgery called “Encephalo-Duro-Arterio-Synangiosis” was performed on both sides of his brain performed by Dr. Anurag Saxena, Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon to treat this disease. In this procedure, the impaired blood supply of the brain was enhanced by using arteries supplying the scalp and muscles of head, to prevent future attacks. Patient is well after surgery and has been discharged recently.

Dr Anurag Saxena is FRCS (Ed) Neurosurgery and MCh (Neurosurgery) and is pioneer along with Apollo Hospital Indore in performing not only these complex surgeries but also minimally invasive brain and spine surgeries in central India.


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