The Patient, Mr. Rasolonjatovo Honore, Member of the Parliament of Madagascar developed impaired vision that progressed rapidly over a month. His vision deteriorated to the extent that he needed support to move around. He was diagnosed with a tumour in the pituitary gland, situated near the optic nerve in the brain.

Dr. Arun L Naik, Neurosurgeon and Dr. Pradeep Hosamani, ENT and Skull Base surgeon performed the endoscopic surgery on the 60-year-old Patient at Apollo Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. “These tumours need surgery through the brain. This method is highly invasive and can lead to many complications such as paralysis and squint. These tumours can now be removed through the nose with a 6-mm endoscope. It is very precise, safe, minimally invasive and available only in advanced centres. This procedure is used to remove complex tumours from the underside and inside of the brain” said Dr. Naik.

Endoscopic Brain surgery is a scarless procedure and recover is very rapid unlike in the case of traditional brain surgery.

“An endoscope can also be integrated with a neuro-navigation system that maps critical areas of the brain to ensure safety and prevent damage to the brain cells” added Dr. Naik. Mr. Honore was referred to Apollo Hospitals by his doctor in Madagascar. “I am very happy with treatment here. I cans see as good as I use to before I developed the tumour” said Honore.


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