Ms. Grace who was bought to Apollo Children’s Hospitals with a progressive increase in weight due to morbid obesity since the last six years, was initially under the care of Dr.Ram Kumar, Pediatric Endocrinologist. The patient was diagnosed to be suffering from Cushing’s Syndrome due to Bilateral Adrenal Nodular Hyperplasia and Consultant Pediatric Urologist, Dr.Jimmy Shad, was asked to plan for a bilateral Adrenalectomy.

The patient had been well stabilized and special care was taken in order to prepare her for the surgery. A mock drill was performed in order to be precise on the requirements of the patient with a BMI above 60. Very young patients with morbid obesity weighing 110 kg and with a BMI above 60, pose special challenges like shifting the patient to the operation table, getting intravenous access, planning anesthesia, positioning on table, taking care of the pressure points etc.

Laproscopic Adrenalectomy is a major abdominal surgery as the adrenals are very vascular organs with high blood supply with special vascular anatomy. The surgery went on as per the plan and the procedure was completed within the expected time frame. The patient was made to sit the same evening and the medical team was able to mobilize her the following day. Since then, she is reporting speedy recovery.

This procedure was performed by Dr.Jimmy Shad, Consultant Pediatric Urologist, Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai.

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