A 35 years old female patient with complaints of breathing difficulty, difficult & painful swallowing, episodes of syncope & pain in right arm was diagnosed with a rare condition called Dysphagialusoria wherein, the right subclavian artery arises from the left side of arch of Aorta, becomes dilated & compresses the Esophagus & other neighboring structures. She could not diagnosed during her previous consultations & hospitalization & was treated by neurologists & Gastroenterologists for her complaints. It was by CTVS department under the guidance of Dr. Udgeath Dhir, which made a rare diagnosis & did a challenging surgery on her, in which her aberrant right subclavian artery was re-routed and attached to right common carotid artery. Patient is relieved of her symptoms now & is recuperating in the hospital.

Article Source: https://www.fmri.in/medical-bulletin/Fortis-Memorial-Research-Institute-collaborates-with-IIT-Delhi-for-research-work

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