A pre-pubertal girl usually has a uterus measuring around 7 cms. A patient was carrying an ovarian tumor measuring 9cmX10cm which was resting on the uterus. It was a medical emergency since the tumor was highly vascular containing old blood and had ‘coiled’ around the left ovary and her left fallopian tube several times. The ovary and fallopian tube were deprived of fresh blood supply leading to rapid cell death in the region. A robotic surgery was carried out by Dr Rama Joshi, Director, Gynea-oncology, FMRI and her team on October 20th to remove the ovarian tumor, left ovary and fallopian tube. The large mass, filled with old collected blood’ was excised as a single piece through a 15 mm incision in her stomach. Her right ovary and uterus has been salvaged and she will be able to have a normal married life. She was discharged the next day of her surgery with minimal pain.

Article Source: https://www.fmri.in/medical-bulletin/Fortis-Memorial-Research-Institute-collaborates-with-IIT-Delhi-for-research-work

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