Another feather in the cap of CTVS department led by Dr. Udgeath Dhir, as they successfully removed a 9 kg tumour from mediastinum of a 41 years old male, patient who came with complaints of difficulty in breathing and chest pain. It was a challenging case as the tumour was compressing the right ventricular outflow tract, other adjoining structures & great vessels. Tumour was also making his breathing difficult as it was causing expansion of lungs difficult. After a 4 hours surgery, it was total removed from the mediastinum with an uneventful intra-operative course.

Patient was greatly relieved from his symptoms after the surgery and behaved well post operatively. He was discharged from the hospital after 5 days with normal parameters. Biopsy showed an atypical carcinoid, which in itself is a rare entity KUDOS to CTVS Team, FMRI.

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