Baby Aryan, a seven-month old kid, was gasping for breath, using all the additional muscles of his tiny skinny body frame to take each shallow breath. Merely of 3.3 kilos weight, it was very low compared to other healthy babies of his age.
Even this weight was achieved by struggling to feed in-between the rapid breaths. Aryan was very vulnerable to infections, particularly chest infection and had already been admitted to the hospital 3 times, in the last 4 months. His parents were very anxious during his admission that they would lose their precious child.
Aryan suffered from a congenital heart disease, a complex developmental anomaly of the heart, where the partitioning of the heart was incomplete. The valves that regulated the flow of blood within the heart was incomplete resulting in a common valve instead of 2 separate valves. These valves were not competent resulting in a poor forward flow of blood and very high pressure in the lung’s blood vessels.
Baby Aryan underwent a complex heart surgery where in the heart was partitioned into 4 chambers with 2 separate valves between them that were competent. This is among the most complicated heart operations done, especially at such a tender age with high risk of post-surgery infections and also the risk of his little body succumbing to it.
After the surgery, Baby Aryan recovered very well, his breathing and feeding became normal. Thereafter, he gradually started to gain weight. Many such infant patients suffering from similar types of heart disease often die because they are not diagnosed correctly at the right time. Also they do not have access to facilities and skilled teams that perform complex congenital heart surgeries.
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