NEW DELHI : 10-month-old Kylie from Uganda, suffering from sickle cell disease, was treated with Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) procedure in Apollo Hospital New Delhi. Her three year old brother was the donor and their genetic compatibility was 100%.

Kylie   is doing well and can look forward to a healthy and normal life.

Dr Gaurav Kharya, Senior Consultant – Paediatric Haematology, highlighted that India has the second highest burden of this disease and it is most prevalent in South India, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Maharashtra and neighboring areas of Madhya Pradesh.

On the occasion of World Sickle Cell Day, Dr Kharya also informed about the symptoms of sickle cell disease and how to go about caring for the patients stricken with the disease.

Dr Kharya said, “Sickle cell disorder is an inherited blood disease which is characterized by abnormal haemoglobin (HbS), with a typical S shape.”

He said, “Patients suffering from this tire easily, due to lack of oxygen in the blood.”

The doctor added that knowing one’s status of sickle cell anemia is extremely important. Every eligible bachelor should know if they are carrying a gene for sickle cell anemia or not and if they are carrying the defective gene, they should take necessary precautions while choosing the partner or planning the pregnancy.

He stated, “Prenatal diagnosis in families with history of SCD is an important way of covering the risk.”

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