5 Tests that can help in early diagnosis of cancer

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AMAS (Anti-malignin antibody screen test), DR-70 +3 more tests that can help detect cancer early.

In most cases, the screening for cancer is done when a person experiences the symptoms. The tests to detect cancer are based on the presence of tumour or tumor markers in the body. However, there are few tests that can help you to know your risk of cancer early on. Dr TejinderKataria, Chairperson, Radiation Oncology – ‎Medanta The Medicity Hospital lists few lesser-known tests that help in the early detection of cancer.

1. AMAS (Anti-malignin antibody screen test): It is designed to pick up cancers well in advance of other signs and symptoms, months before conventional medical tests can detect it. However, it is not useful to detect advanced stages of cancer because of the absence of anti-malignin antibody in the body.

2. Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA): This is a computerized device that measures your blood, saliva and urine for the number of electrons present pH balance, and minerals in these fluids. In simple terms, it is a computerised test that is used to estimate the health status of the cell and hence, aid in the detection of cancer.





3. Cancer Marker Tests: These are immunological tests that help in the detection of cancer markers. The cancer markers are produced as the cancer cells grow and are detectable even before it reaches a size big enough for detection by other methods. Some of the commonly used cancer marker tests are AFP, CA 125, CEA, etc.

4. DR-70: It is a highly specific simple blood test that screens for 13 different cancers such as lung, breast, colon, liver, thyroid, pancreatic and lymphoma (to name a few) at the same time. It detects the presence of fibrin and fibrinogen degradation products, which are elevated when suffering from cancer.

5. Lymphocyte Size Analysis: The test measures the diameters of lymphocytes and counts the numbers of swollen versus normal cells in a sample of a patient’s blood. If the number of swollen lymphocytes is excessive or when the ratio of swollen to normal lymphocytes is out of balance, it is a sign that cancer is most likely to develop.

FDA has approved a test recently where eight cancers can be detected from a person’s blood, by placing it on a computer chip and reading the genetic information about that person. The test is under clinical validation studies at present.



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