A rare spinal surgery was performed by Dr Sandeep Vaishya, Director, Neurosurgery and his team on a 43 year old patient from Punjab. The disorder that the patient suffered from left him paraplegic with a very crooked spine and with minimal bladder and bowel control. It was a case of one of the largest meningomyelocele removed, according to Dr Sandeep Vaishya, measuring 85 cms in circumference. Doctors drained out seven liters of spinal fluid post-surgery. The swelling in the patient’s lower back only kept increasing with each passing year. The surgery was successful and the patient was discharged “seven kilos lighter” on June 21.

Article Source: https://www.fmri.in/medical-bulletin/Fortis-Memorial-Research-Institute-collaborates-with-IIT-Delhi-for-research-work

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